Storm Front

Storm Front

Dresden Files book one is interesting, but not quite as fabulous as the TV show… yet.

I haven’t finished Jim Butcher’s Storm Front yet, but I have to by Monday as I’m exchanging books with a friend during our monthly Mom’s Night, and I must say that I’m a bit disappointed already. I was absolutely in love with The Dresden Files TV show and was really looking forward to that kind of magic in the books. Instead, I’ve found some unbelievable monologue that’s a bit annoying, and sounds nothing like a grown man might think.

That said, my friend tells me that I need to expect this; that the books get better with time, and that I just need to hang in there for the next and the next one after that… so I will. She has excellent taste—she’s my friend, after all; just kidding!—and I trust her judgment.

We have been swapping books for months now and she trusted me enough to stick through Fablehaven, so I’ve got to return the favor. Plus, it’s Dresden! I can only hope that one day my books will be successful and I’ll have readers assuring “newbie” fans, “Stick with her, she gets better!”

In the meantime, the story itself is good and compelling enough for me to read through anyway, so I will continue and await the next book and what it brings. If the show is anything like the book—and so far, not even the characters seem like the ones in the book, which is really no surprise; aside from the main trio in the Harry Potter films, are they ever?—I am excited to meet many of the creatures and council that were present in the series.